The President and U.S. President Donald Trump Agree to Postpone Planned Joint Military Exercises

President Moon Jae-in spoke on the phone with U.S. President Donald Trump for 30 minutes today. The two Presidents discussed the possible inter-Korean talks on the occasion of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games. They agreed to do their level best to make the Olympics a safe and successful event.

President Moon said there would be close consultation between Korea and the United States in the process of inter-Korean dialogue, adding he was certain that South-North talks would go a long way toward creating a mood for dialogue between the United States and North Korea to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.

President Moon expressed his appreciation to his counterpart for having so far maintained an unwavering and strong stance to realize the goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, which the President said helped pave the way for potential talks between the two Koreas. 

The two Presidents also agreed not to hold joint military drills during the Winter Olympic Games in February so that the militaries of both countries could focus on ensuring the security of the Games. 

President Trump hailed the potential inter-Korean talks and said he hoped for good results. He said that President Moon could notify him at any time if help was needed in the process of carrying out inter-Korean dialogue and that America would support President Moon 100 percent. 

President Trump reaffirmed that he would send high-level representatives to Korea, including his own family, during the PyeongChang Olympics. 

President Trump also asked President Moon to inform the Korean public that it was a great honor for him to address the National Assembly. The U.S. President went on to say that he heard very good comments on his address at the Assembly, expressing his gratitude to President Moon.